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Single User Twitter Feed

This is an example of a Timeline Express twitter feed. The following shortcode will generate a Twitter feed for the username CodeParrots.

The shortcode being used to generate this feed is:

[timeline-express twitter-feed="1" twitter-user="CodeParrots" tweet-count="5"]


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Multiple User Twitter Feed

To display multiple users in a single feed, simply separate the usernames with a comma.

In the following example, we’ll combine the CodeParrots, WPBeginner and WPTavern tweets into a single feed.

The shortcode being used to generate a multiple user Twitter feed is:

[timeline-express twitter-feed="1" twitter-user="CodeParrots, WPBeginner, WPTavern"]


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Twitter Term Twitter Feed

To display tweets for a given search term, use the ‘twitter-term’ shortcode parameter. The following example will display a Twitter feed for the 10 most recent tweets using the hashtag #WordPress

The shortcode being used to generate a twitter feed for a given term (ie: the hashtag #WordPress):

[timeline-express twitter-feed="1" twitter-term="#WordPress" tweet-count="10"]


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